'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Ron Perlman Feels 'Young Again' After Moving in With Girlfriend Allison Dunbar

Ron Perlman reportedly feels "young again" after moving in with his 47-year-old girlfriend, Allison Dunbar. Perlman and his wife, Opal Stone, separated in May of 2019 following 38 years of marriage. Now, sources close to 70-year-old Perlman have told The Sun he is a new man with Dunbar.

The insiders said that Perlman is "madly in love" with Dunbar and that their romance built slowly from a foundation of friendship. They also noted that the press coverage and fan speculations about their relationship hurt both Perlman and Dunbar, but they have become closer than ever during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. "Nowadays, Ron is like a new man. Before lockdown he and Allison started taking tango and waltz dance lessons, he's working out more, eating healthily and even drinking green smoothies," they said.

"He says Allison makes him feel younger and they don't care about the age gap at all, anyone who hangs out with them thinks they're the perfect match," the source went on. "They're not officially engaged, but they've talked about their future and are madly in love, they want to spend the rest of their lives together."

As for Stone, the source said that Perlman "has nothing but love and respect for Opal and is very close with his children, but it's a complicated situation. If you fall in love later in life, it's going to be messy." They acknowledged the speculation that Dunbar had "stolen" Perlman away from Stone and his family but said that this was not accurate.

"It's been a hard road for Ron and Allison, they were great friends before becoming romantic," the insider said. "When stories came out about them being together, she was branded as a man-stealer, which wasn't the case. Sometimes people make decisions in their marriage but it's not official for a long time. It was painful for everyone as nobody knew the truth."

Perlman and Dunbar met in 2018 when they filmed the TV show StartUp together. The source said they were just friends to start, and they continued to hang out after the show wrapped, while Perlman's marriage was deteriorating. Stone filed for divorce last spring, citing "irreconcilable differences."

"They started dating later on and during COVID moved in together in Pasadena," the source said. "There's a vulnerability between them that's really beautiful and it was a crazy surprise for both of them, they weren't looking to fall in love. Ron has this rep of being a bombastic man, King of the Jungle, you see him screaming and yelling on Twitter all the time about Trump, but it's because he is a person who feels extremely deeply."


Perlman and Dunbar are reportedly enjoying their time together despite the press coverage. These days, they are keeping their romance out of the spotlight as much as possible.