'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Ron Perlman Calls Donald Trump a 'Narcissistic Murderer' Ahead of Election Tuesday

A few days ahead of Tuesday's presidential election, Ron Perlman has fired yet another shot at Donald Trump on Twitter. The Sons of Anarchy star called the incumbent a "narcissistic murderer" in a pair of tweets on Sunday voicing his displeasure with Trump.

Perlman hasn't been shy about his thoughts on the current regime in the White House. Sending out tweets directed at Trump has become somewhat of the norm for the actor, though his latest blast did come with a little something extra. The 70-year-old mentioned the old adage, "may the best man win," but stressed that this does not apply with the upcoming election because Joe Biden is the "only good man" between the two. He called out Trump for being responsible "for over 240K American deaths" amid the coronavirus pandemic. "It's time to band together and vote this narcissistic murderer out of office," Perlman wrote at the end of the first of two tweets.

Honing in on the Trump regime's handling of COVID-19, which witnessed the country report nearly 100,000 new cases on Saturday, Perlman mocked Trump's insistence of this being the result of the United States being the best at testing, "Apparently we're also the best at dying." No country has more cases than the United States with more than 910,000 positives, and also just outside the 10 countries with the highest death rate (70.47) per 100,000 population according to Johns Hopkins. Perlman wrapped up his beratement of Trump by stating, "so much for rounding the corner," using Trump's own words against him.

While Trump has come under fire for his administration's handling of the coronavirus, his team recently admitted that it's not optimistic the virus can be controlled at this point. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN that it's unlikely the pandemic can be handled and that the only thing that can help at this point is a vaccine.

During his last-minute rallies in key voting states, Trump called his counterpart Joe Biden out on Twitter for the way the Obama administration handled the H1N1 virus. He told his followers that Biden would be unable to handle the coronavirus any differently than he could have, and also reiterated his belief that Biden would be bad for the economy.