Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Recreate Their First Date 10 Years Later

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are still head over heels ten years after their first date. The married couple celebrated the 10th anniversary of their relationship milestone over the weekend at Boston sushi restaurant O Ya, where they first realized their friendship could grow into something way more. Lively wrote of the eatery in her Instagram Story, "If it weren't for this place. We wouldn't be together. No joke. No restaurant means more to us."

Reynolds joked in his own Instagram Story that it was "our favorite restaurant with her 4th favorite date," trolling his wife in his typical fashion. Lively shared a photo of the two on date night to her Story, posing in a white and black polka dot sundress and black sandals while Reynolds looked smart in a blue patterned short-sleeve button-down shirt, gray slacks and tweed hat. "10 years later. We still go out on our 'first date,'" the Simple Favor star wrote. "But in much more comfortable shoes."

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
(Photo: Blake Lively)

Reynolds and Lively first met on set in 2010 as romantic leads in Green Lantern, but didn't start dating until a year later. The two would tie the knot in September 2012 and have gone on to welcome daughters James, 6, Inez, 4, and 21-month-old Betty. Reynolds recently opened up about their love story on the SmartLess podcast, joking, "I met Blake on the darkest crease in the anus of the universe called Green Lantern."

"We were friends and buddies and about a year and a half later we went on a double date but we were dating separate people," he continued. While the two "always kind of kept in touch, but casually" after being co-stars, things changed on a trip to Boston. "Next thing you know, she was going to Boston, I was going to Boston and I said, 'Well, I'll ride with you.' We got on the train and we rode together," Reynolds explained. "I was just begging her to sleep with me."


The actor described their connection with one another as "like out of a fairytale," and said the two didn't hesitate to jump in and turn their relationship romantic. "A week later I was like, 'We should buy a house together,'" he recalled. "And we did."