Rob Riggle Claims Estranged Wife Planted Hidden Camera, Spied on Him Amid Divorce

Rob Riggle claims that his estranged wife, Tiffany Riggle, planted a hidden camera in his home, [...]

Rob Riggle claims that his estranged wife, Tiffany Riggle, planted a hidden camera in his home, took thousands of dollars from him and hacked his emails and texts. In court documents obtained by TMZ, the 21 Jump Street actor said that after Tiffany filed for divorce in October, he discovered that $28,000 in emergency money went missing from his home office. He claims that he confronted Tiffany about the money because she had access to their smaller home where Riggle was staying — while Tiffany stayed with their two kids at the family home — but she denied knowing anything about it.

Riggle, 51, alleges that around the same time, Tiffany hacked into his Apple account and downloaded his emails, texts, contacts and photos. He claims that Tiffany also somehow had knowledge of private conversations he'd had in his home office either with or about his girlfriend and assistant and Tiffany — or other anonymous sources — would text or email them referencing the private information. Riggle reportedly began to suspect he was being spied on, so he says he and his girlfriend created a misinformation scheme, planting false information to test whether any of it leaked. TMZ reports that Riggle's "suspicions were confirmed."

The court documents further detail that in April, Riggle had his home swept for any devices; he claims that a hidden spy camera was found in his smoke detector, complete with a memory card with more than 10,000 videos with sound on it. He reportedly believes it was installed in August 2020 and that it possibly monitored him until he found it months later. He even claims that one of the videos shows Tiffany standing on a ladder installing the spy camera; another allegedly shows her sitting on the floor of his home office counting money, which he believes is the money that went missing from his home.

TMZ reports that Riggle has been granted a temporary restraining order against Tiffany and that a hearing in July will go over Riggle's request for a forensic expert to sift through the alleged spy footage.

Tiffany filed for divorce in October after 21 years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split and listing May 2, 2020, as the date of separation. The former couple shares two children together: daughter Abigail and son George. Tiffany asked for joint custody of the children and requested spousal support in her filing. She listed two houses, multiple bank accounts and interest in vodka and whiskey companies in the couple's assets.