Rob Riggle's Wife Files for Divorce After 21-Year Marriage

Rob Riggle's marriage is coming to an end after 21 years. Tiffany filed legal documents in Ventura [...]

Rob Riggle's marriage is coming to an end after 21 years. Tiffany filed legal documents in Ventura County to end her marriage to the comedian and actor. She cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. She also listed May 2, 2020, as the date of separation.

According to TMZ, Tiffany is asking for joint custody of the couple's children. They have two children together — 16-year-old daughter Abigail and 12-year-old son George. Tiffany reportedly checked the box for "spousal support" when she filed for divorce. Additionally, she listed two houses, multiple bank accounts, and an interest in vodka and whiskey companies, which she wants to be community property.

Riggle has remained busy amid the end of his marriage. He continues to work on the FOX NFL pregame show, picking games with his sketches. Additionally, he serves as a commentator for Holy Moly, ABC's mini-golf game show. Riggle is a huge fan of golf and hosts the annual Rob Riggle InVETational Golf Classic — although the 2020 version was postponed to next year. He also recently took part in media availability to promote the film, The War With Grandpa.

Riggle met with and other outlets recently to speak about working with legendary actors in Robert De Niro, Jane Seymour, Cheech Marin and Christopher Walken. Riggle stars as the father of a boy who wages war against his own grandfather to reclaim a lost bedroom. Riggle's role wasn't massive, but he spoke glowingly about his time working with legendary actors.

"I would find myself in scenes with these, these wonderful actors that I've watched my whole life and enjoyed and admired. And I'm in a scene with them and I'm thinking, 'This is really cool, this is really special,'" Riggle told PopCulture. "They were, they all were very gracious, very kind. So it felt very comfortable."

He also said that it was a thrill to stand behind Walken and listen to him talk about random topics. "I could listen to him read a phone book and be just impressed and dazzled," Riggle said. "He's got such a great, obviously, unique speech rhythm and pattern that it's, I don't know, it's hypnotic."

The War with Grandpa, based on the book by Robert Kimmel Smith, hit theaters on Oct. 9 and showcased De Niro's comedic side. He took part in multiple scenes with Riggle, a few of which put the two men in awkward situations. Now viewers can watch the action.