Portia de Rossi Surprises Ellen DeGeneres With Vow Renewal Ceremony

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi tied the knot – again – as they celebrated their wedding anniversary early with a surprise vow renewal. Tuesday, the couple and a small group of their loved ones gathered together for what they thought would be a 50th birthday party for the Arrested Development star but ended up being a romantic vow renewal ceremony officiated by Kris Jenner to celebrate the stars' 14-plus years of marriage.

In a video of the ceremony shared to The Ellen Degeneres Show's YouTube, de Rossi can be seen re-wearing the stunning Zac Posen wedding dress she first donned for the couple's 2008 wedding as she walked down the aisle to her wife while Brandi Carlile serenades the crowd.

"Welcome to Portia's birthday party and to the newest home of one of my favorite couples, two of my [best friends] and the record holders for the most homes ever purchased in one city," Jenner began the ceremony. The Kardashians momager gushed that DeGeneres and de Rossi were "born for each other," and that she values all of the time she and boyfriend Corey Gamble have spent with them "as their friends, neighbors, dance partners, cocktail buddies and late-night chat sessions."

"These two are couples goals and continue to amaze me with how cute they are together, a match made in heaven," Jenner continued. "Two peas in a pod. Their love and commitment to one another is amazing and it makes me so happy that they have each other to love and cherish and grow old with."

De Rossi was next to give a speech, telling DeGeneres about the surprise renewal, "You don't have to say anything at all but when I was thinking about what would make my birthday really special, apart from being with family and friends, it was reminding you that you're the most important thing in the world to me."

The actress continued that her marriage to DeGeneres has been one of the major accomplishments of her life and that she feels like they're on a "new journey" and in a "new chapter" of their lives at last. "We're setting down finally, planting roots and taking better care of ourselves and each other than ever before," she continued. "I'm so excited about the future where we get to do whatever the hell we want for the rest of our lives. ...I'm so honored to be your wife."