Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Series Coming to Hulu, Lily James and Sebastian Stan to Star

Hulu is developing a limited series about the lives of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, according to a report by Variety, and Sebastian Stan and Lily James are in talks to take the lead roles. The show will dramatize Lee and Anderson's relationship, including their infamous honeymoon sex tape leak. Neither Anderson nor Lee is involved in the creation of the series.

Stan and Lee may be tapped for the raunchiest roles of their lives if they decide to play Lee and Anderson. The couple got together in February 1995 and married after having known each other for just four days. At the time, both were at their professional peaks — Anderson as a model and Lee as the rock star drummer of Mötley Crüe. Their marriage lasted just three years.

Whoever plays them, the Hulu series about Lee and Anderson will be a controversial one. The untitled series will reportedly have eight episodes, written by Rob Siegel of Turbo fame. The show will be produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for their company Point Grey. Craig Gillespie has been tapped to direct the series, and Dylan Sellers of Limelight will be an executive producer.

The role would be a big departure from some of James' best-known work, such as Downton Abbey, War & Peace (2016) and Cinderella. She also starred in Baby Driver, Darkest Hour and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Meanwhile Stan is best-known for playing the Marvel superhero The Winter Soldier. He will soon co-star in his character's own TV show on Disney+, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Stan has tackled more dramatic roles as well — most recently in Netflix's The Devil All the Time. Still, that is a different kind of drama than fans can expect to see in the story of Anderson and Lee.

Anderson and Lee were the obsession of tabloid coverage in the mid 1990s when they married spontaneously on a beach. Anderson wore a bikini for the ceremony, and her own mother later said that she learned of the marriage from PEOPLE Magazine. The marriage became tumultuous almost immediately, but it gave them two sons: Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee.

Lee was arrested for spousal abuse near the end of their marriage in 1998. Lee reportedly attacked Anderson while she was holding their infant son, leaving her with bruises and a torn fingernail. He was sentenced to six months in a Los Angeles County Jail. Anderson spoke at more length about the abuse in a 2018 interview with Piers Morgan.

The show is also likely to focus on the couple's sex tape scandal. An explicit video from their honeymoon was stolen and leaked by a disgruntled household employee, going viral on the internet.


Anderson and Lee's relationship remained complicated and strained for years afterward, with Anderson saying that Lee had given her Hepatitis C, then revealing that they still had sex from time to time in the early 2000s. In recent years, the drama has been revived through their son, who allegedly punched Lee in in 2018 for making disparaging remarks about Anderson.

There is no telling how much of these twists and turns could fit into an eight-episode series. So far, there is no release date for the Anderson and Lee project.