Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Have Colorful Frolic Celebrating Holi

Nick Jonas celebrated his first Holi with wife Priyanka Chopra and shared the colorful aftermath with his fans via Instagram. Holi is an ancient Hindu festival known as the festival of colors that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, as well as the arrival of spring. The two celebrated the annual event in India, a place Jonas calls his "second home."

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In the first photo, Chopra and Jonas are covered in bright, beautiful colors while the actress is leaning on her husband's shoulder as they both smile towards one another. The second image shows the sweet couple with a friend, again covered in colorful paint, while the last slide is a video of Jonas showing some of the exciting action.

"My first Holi! (Five days early) So much fun celebrating with such incredible people here in my second home in India. #holi," Jonas captioned the slideshow on Instagram. Traditionally, those who celebrate Holi play in all the colors until they are covered in the vibrant hues. While the couple were decked out in gorgeous outfits, they also took it upon themselves to create a photo shoot before they were dressed in all the paint. "She makes me smile a lot," Jonas captioned the photos.

The two, who said "I do" in December 2018, have both been very supportive of each other's backgrounds, even having two separate weddings to honor his Christian religion and her Hindu faith. Despite their religious differences, the two have embraced the beauty in each and have flaunted their support for one another on social media for all of their fans to see. They even look at their differences as an opportunity to merge their families into one who celebrate both backgrounds with love and respect.

Just a few short months after getting married, Chopra spoke with Good Morning America on the "gravity" of being married and how much she loves it.

"Married life is different," she said. "There's a big difference between a husband and a boyfriend, even a husband and a fiancé. I didn't understand the gravity of that when I got married."


"But it's a good thing to be married to a good husband. That makes it easy," she added.

Photo credit: Patrick McMullan/Getty.