'Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff's Fiance Isabel Rock Opens up About 'Hard Days'

Isabel Rock is shining light on the realities of her relationship to Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff.

Peering through Rock's Instagram, onlookers will see many glitzy, romantic shots of the pair, who are engaged. However, Rock wanted her 53,300 followers to know that not everything is as perfect as it seems.

As she explained in a Wednesday Instagram post, their relationship is not without its "hard days," just like any other relationship.

(Photo: Instagram / izzysofia_)

"How can a person feel like home?" Rock wrote. "I have moved so many times in the last four years. Each place has felt foreign. Each place has taken time to adjust. But each time, I've had him there, holding me. Our relationship is not perfect, but that's what social media might make you believe. We have had our fair share of hard days."

Despite that downturn, Rock continued on, specifying that those "hard days" are more than worth it in the end.

"But at the end of it all, I find myself welling up at the thought of home and what that means to me after four years of loving him," Rock wrote. "It means that the closest thing to home I will ever know, is his arms. And that's the only home I'll ever need."

This is far from the first time the 22-year-old social media personality has shed light on struggles in her life. She regularly shares life updates on Instagram, such as a Sept. 13 post inspiring her followers to persevere in the face of hardship.

"Sometimes, it hurts. When you know your heart, your intention, your plan or your passion, and others don't see it," she wrote. "Some people will never see it. Some people really close to me will never understand it. And it is somehow those same people whose validation, I still find myself seeking the most. Somebody wise and very dear to me told me recently that I am going to have to let that go, because it will continue to hurt until I do."


She added, "This is my message to you, wild ones, who are paving a path far different from the ones you are surrounded by, who sometimes feel misunderstood, and are struggling to find inspiration to keep going. This is my message to you. Turn your wounds into wildflowers, and bloom."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @izzysofia_