Kristen Bell Says She and Dax Shepard 'Would 100% Not Be Married' If She 'Acted Like She Wanted' While on Her Period

If Kristen Bell acted how she wanted to while on her period, she and husband Dax Shepard would [...]

If Kristen Bell acted how she wanted to while on her period, she and husband Dax Shepard would "100% not be married," the actress admitted on Monday's episode of his Armchair Expert podcast. As the two discussed their biological difference, Shepard mentioned he had been in relationships with women who handled their periods very differently throughout the years.

Bell joked that during the "debilitating" process that people with uteruses go through, she makes sure to "self-regulate" her behavior for the benefit of everyone around her. "We are expected to also self-regulate," she explained, "and if I acted like I 'wanted to,' every time I'm on my period, we would 100% not be married."

"I self-regulate, and women do on their period. Some women lose control, 100 percent," she continued, adding that because of that self-regulation, she doesn't "think it's terrible to ask guys to regulate themselves" in response to men's biological makeup that can lead to "rage." She explained, "The reason I don't go bananas on my period is because I have been brought up with socialization that has told me, 'You will feel bananas a couple of days before your period. Don't scream at everyone; even though that is what you want to do, you can't do that. What is happening to you is in your brain chemistry and your hormones.' And you have to know that knowledge is power."

Bell and Shepard are known for their openness when it comes to their marriage and family, recently making headlines for revealing they bathe daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, less often now that they're older. On The View last week, Bell shared she's a "big fan of waiting for the stink," doubling down Monday with Daily Blast Live saying it was "not so much of a joke." Shepard chimed in of their parenting practices when it comes to hygiene, "We had said, we did bathe them religiously for the first few years when the bedtime routine was so vital. Once that wasn't required to get them to go to sleep, yeah, we took our foot off the gas."