Dax Shepard Calls out Wife Kristen Bell for Bathroom Faux Pas

Fans got one of their most intimate looks yet at Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's private lives on [...]

Fans got one of their most intimate looks yet at Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's private lives on Sunday. Bell posted a video of a disagreement the couple had in their bathroom, saying she had been "busted" by Shepard. Some fans said they could relate, though many were left with questions.

Bell posted a video where she was holding the camera as Shepard stood by in his boxer shorts in their bathroom. He had apparently pointed out a bad habit that Bell didn't realize she had — leaving a wad of used toilet paper on the toilet seat, almost directly between the bowl and the trash. Shepard was not just annoyed but confused, wondering how she could frequently miss two such large targets in favor of a narrow, precarious one. Bell laughed as she tried to explain the phenomenon.

"What was the intention? Was it to be in the toilet bowl, or in the trash can? Because now that I have to finish the task you started, I want to be sure I do it correctly," Shepard said sarcastically in the video. Both of them were laughing, and Bell did swipe the wad into the bowl herself as they talked.

"Obviously I didn't care, but just..." she said. Shepard said: "Okay, well that's good. Good to know. And in the future, that's always where it was supposed to go?"

"It was dark in here!" Bell protested. Still dripping early morning sarcasm, Shepard said: "Uh-huh, well it's dark in here a lot, apparently, because that happens, I don't know, four or five days a week." In another video, Bell defended herself by saying: "Peeing is such a waste of time, so when I'm in there, I'm just looking to get off as quickly as possible and wrap it up."

"And you just let the toilet paper go wherever it goes?" Shepard asked from out of sight. Finally, in a third video, Shepard added: "You have to imagine how many times I've seen that before I decided to say something." The couple continued laughing and in the end, Bell did apologize. However, she still stood by her conviction that peeing is generally "a waste of time."

Some fans were as perplexed as Shepard, though others saw their lives reflected in this little post. Many were preoccupied with the blue light emanating from the couple's toilet. Commenters speculated about whether it was meant to increase visibility or if perhaps it was some kind of chemical-free cleaning agent.

Bell and Shepard have been a fan-favorite celebrity couple for years, especially since the boom in the popularity of podcasts. Shepard hosts the Armchair Expert podcast from a studio in their home, and Bell is a frequent guest or even co-host. The two are quite open about their relationship, warts and all. Moments like this assure fans that every bit of it is real.