Kourtney Kardashian 'Most Proud' of Relationship With Ex Scott Disick's Girlfriend, Sofia Richie

The good vibes are definitely flowing between Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick and his girlfriend Sofia Richie. In fact, things are going so well, Kardashian says she "proud" of their amicable relationship.

"It's probably the thing I'm most proud of," Kardashian said in an interview with Paper Magazine. "I don't think we'll go on every trip together, but I love that I'm invited."

If you've kept up with the Kardashians over the years, then you already know Kardashian and Disick have been through a lot together — some would say more downs than ups, but that's slowly changing. It started off as an effort for the kids, but these days, the exes seem to be really getting along.

Disick who's 35 years old and Kardashian who's 40, have three kids together: Mason, 9; Penelope, 6 and Reign, 4. The family has been spotted on several occasions together, including family vacations — some of which include Disick's 20-year-old girlfriend.

As recent as December, the co-parents took their family on a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Richie took part in the festivities.

"Kourtney, Scott and Sofia are one modern family," a source told Us Weekly. "Things are totally fine. It wasn't a surprise that Sofia went away with them — it was a family trip. Sofia and Scott are together, they are in love and she's part of the family now."

Richie may be apart of the family now, but don't expect to see her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians anytime soon, or maybe ever.

"Not that I'm against it, [but] I'm just very private," Richie said.

Disick also has a series coming out on E! that will chronicle his life as he flips houses — don't expect to see her on that either, but she may chime in every now and again off camera.

"Oh, God no. He's the expert," she said. "I might put in my two cents, but he's the expert."

Disick is okay with his girl not appearing on either one of the shows.

In the meantime, Kardashian, Disick and Richie will continue to show the world that Modern Family is more than just a television show — it's real life, for them at least.

"I feel like I show a message too," the mom of three said about setting a positive example. "Like, parents can get along and work together. We travel together and ... I think it's a good message to show other people."


"I'm not doing it for that reason, but I think the positive things that we are doing, it's nice, too," she added.