Kate Beckinsale Fires Back at Troll Who Mocked Her Age Difference With Goody Grace

Kate Beckinsale was recently romantic linked to up-and-coming musician Goody Grace, who is 22 years old. Now the 46-year-old actress has fired back at an online troll who mocked the couple's age difference. According to InStyle, the comment has since been deleted.

In a post shared to Instagram, Beckinsale posted a video of her cat that is part of a social media challenge many have been taking part in. "Very much did not go as planned. Please tell me if this worked for you and WHY MY CAT IS BROKEN," she wrote in the post's caption. It was then that the Instagram troll reportedly replied, "Try and see if your new tom boy will adhere." Beckinsale then fired back, "Try and see if you can spell and not just goon yourself straight out the gate."

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Beckinsale and Grace were spotted holding hands while out on a hike earlier in April. This set off massive speculation regarding their romantic relationship. Eventually, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that the pair have been dating for a few months. "She has been dating him since the beginning of the year," said the source, who was reported to be close to the actress. "They have fun and Kate seems happy. His age is not an issue for her. It's just a number."

"They are quarantined together at Kate's house right now," the source added, revealing that the two have been spending a lot of time with each other since California enacted stay-at-home orders to help slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Notably, this is not the first time that Beckinsale has had to deal with trolls over dating a younger man. In 2019 she dated SNL star Pete Davidson, who is 24 years old. The pair split one year ago due to the "long distance" between them. Davidson lives in New York.


In January, Beckinsale was seen with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at a Golden Globe Awards party. This brought out trolls as well, with one commenting online, "Machine gun Kelly Really? I'm out!! You are now infected." Beckinsale hit back at that troll as well, writing, "Why don't you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wildfires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a f—ing life."