Kate Beckinsale Slams Internet Troll Who Criticized Her for Spending Time With Machine Gun Kelly

Kate Beckinsale recently slammed an Internet troll who criticized her for spending time with rapper/actor Machine Gun Kelly, and fans loved it. The Underworld star took to Instagram to share a funny video of her cat knocking over a glass of wine, but the comments section brought out the trolls. One user commented on her alleged romance with MGK, writing, "Machine gun Kelly Really? I'm out!! You are now infected." Beckinsale hit back, "Why don't you worry about things that are actually happening and donate to the Australian wildfires rather than waste your time on things that are not happening and never were and also please get a f— life."

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Many of Beckinsale's fans and followers have since commented on the her epic burn, with one writing, "Jesus Christ, Kate. I think this roast show is over now."

" I love when you destroy people... it's awesome," another user added, while someone else offered, "Live your life to the fullest and have fun your an absolutely beautiful woman do whatcha want , you looked amazing at the globes awards."

"As much as you would like to think otherwise, [Kate Beckinsale] doesn't owe you or anyone a formal announcement of what she's donated to charity," one more fan commented. "But I can guarantee you it's quite a bit more than you could ever dream of donating. And where was it written that being socially conscious and having a little fun in your life are mutually exclusive?"

"Ah, even if it were happening, I'd say it's just one more thing women are finally doing that men have always done; and I'll donate to the wildfires and raise a glass of cat wine just to the thought of it," a fifth user chimed in.

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Many fans zeroed in on her call for the troll to do something useful with their time by donating to the tragic Australian wildfires.

"Yep. It's rough down here Kate. 1 billion animals gone. In a blink of and eye. Fires are ripping us a new one down here," one Australian user commented.


"No recovery from that burn just like Australia won't recover if we don't donate. Save the koalas peeps," another person offered.

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