Kane Brown Says He Got a Vasectomy After He and Wife Were Surprised by Third Pregnancy

The 'Thank God' singer and his wife revealed their exciting pregnancy news in December.

Country star Kane Brown has opened up and revealed that he got a vasectomy after he and his wife, Katelyn Jae Brown, were surprised by her third pregnancy. Brown was recently a guest on Bobby Bones' radio show, and, during their conversation, he shared the news, along with his initial worry about having another baby.

"I'm scared for three [kids]. I guess it was God's plan," Brown, 30, told Bones. He then added, "Kate got me neutered already." It was back in December when Brown and Katelyn first announced that she was pregnant with their third child. The following month, the couple revealed that they are expecting a boy.

Speaking to Bones, Brown shared the story of how he found out his wife was pregnant, explaining that she called him as he was taking off in a plane to go play golf with NBA legend Michael Jordan, but the call dropped out. "So on the whole flight down, I'm like, 'Oh my God, like, what's going on? ... I hope that she's wrong." He added, "So, she lands, and then she's pregnant."

Brown and his wife already share two daughters: Kingsley, 4, and Kodi, 2. The "Thank God" singer confessed that he and Katelyn were not necessarily thrilled about another baby, until they found out they're having a boy. "We had two girls. We weren't trying this time. My game if you know what I'm talking about is strong," he quipped. "It turns out it's a boy."

Finally, Brown shared some details about his vasectomy procedure, recalling, "They gave me gas or whatever, but I'm laying on my back and I have a nurse over me and a doctor. They're just talking about their day and I'm just laying on this table." He then joked the gas didn't knock him out, but definitely had him feeling "sky high" while lying "spread eagle" on the table.

At this time, Brown and his wife have not shared a due date for their new baby.