Kane Brown Says Daughter Kingsley Is Getting a 'Personality on Her'

Kane Brown's daughter Kingsley is 19 months old, and according to her dad, she's already got some [...]

Kane Brown's daughter Kingsley is 19 months old, and according to her dad, she's already got some serious personality on her. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight ahead of the CMT Music Awards earlier this month, Brown gave an update on his daughter, sharing that she's "doing great."

"She's getting a personality on her. She's about to be two so she's just running around the place. We're just waiting for her to talk," he said, adding that Kingsley's vocabulary is already expanding. "She said 'wow' today or 'woah.' She says 'Dada,' perfectly," he gushed. Earlier this year, Brown told PopCultre.com via email that he "always knew" he wanted to be there for his daughter "and be the best dad I could be." The 27-year-old added that he wants to "give [Kingsley] everything she ever needs… maybe not everything she wants but that she needs."

"I guess I never knew how much she would be there for me," he shared. "She's always there making me smile or laugh, puts me in a good mood." Thanks to his successful career, Brown is able to give his daughter a different childhood than the one he experienced, something that "means the world" to him. "I'm just really always so grateful to my fans who have been there since day one because they've enabled me to live out my dreams and with their support I'm able to take care of my family and provide a different life for my own daughter," he said.

In May, the "Worship You" singer told PEOPLE that his daughter has "completely changed" his and wife Katelyn's lives "for the better." "I know when I get home and I'm exhausted, just holding her makes my day completely better," he explained. "I have learned to be patient, and I've also learned that there's true love. And if anybody ever got between me and my daughter, I don't know what would go on. She's super chill. Kind of like me, just laid back, and if she gets mad, she's super easy to cheer up real quick."

Brown will soon be out on the road on his Blessed & Free Tour, but until then, he's soaking up his time at home with Kingsley and Katelyn. "We love to go in her room, put on a movie, lay on the floor, and she'll climb on top of us," he said. "Our time is our family time, so it's just great. She does everything with us, she's the easiest baby."