Jon Pardi and Fiancee Summer Duncan Postpone May Wedding Due to Coronavirus

Jon Pardi and his fiancée Summer Duncan announced this week that they have made the decision to postpone their May wedding due to the coronavirus, a choice that many other couples have had to make in recent weeks. Duncan shared the news on her Instagram page, posting a photo of the couple from their engagement that read, "Pardi wedding update."

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"Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19, we have decided to postpone our May wedding," text over the photo read. "Hope everyone is staying safe out there in this crazy time! Prayers and well wishes to all." Duncan elaborated on the decision in her caption, writing, "Somewhat of a relief not having to stress every day with the news of the virus and whether or not it passes by the end of May. We would be selfish to keep our wedding date and put our guests at risk. To all the other brides out there (and wedding vendors) it's gonna be one hell of a busy fall!! Haha."

Pardi and Duncan were planning a destination wedding in Montana with 200 guests at a venue overlooking Yellowstone National Park. Earlier this month, Pardi told PEOPLE that the couple was aware that their wedding may be affected by the virus.

"I'm excited, but I just can't be overexcited about it because there's always that lingering, well, what if it [the virus] is not caught up by then?" the "Heartache Medication" singer said. "I have elderly people that are going to come, and I can't put them in jeopardy. I'm just kinda like whatever happens happens."

"We'll just go to Vegas," he joked of a potential alternative. "When Vegas is all fine, we'll just go there and get it over with."

The 32-year-old proposed to Duncan on stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville during a stop on his Heartache Medication Tour last fall. Due to the coronavirus, Pardi is currently off the road like so many other artists, and shared that he hasn't "had to stay home this long for a long time."

"It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time," he said of reading comments from fans disappointed that his shows have been canceled. "People are planning this for months out, and they're rocking out to the album and they can't wait. Everything's building up and it's, like … canceled."


While the situation isn't ideal, Pardi shared that it's the right thing to do. "As much security we put into stopping active shooters, we've got to do the same thing for this," he explained. "We're just protecting our audience."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz