JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Move in Together in Dallas

(Photo: Instagram / @joelle_fletcher)

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are officially settled in Dallas!

The latest Bachelorette and her new fiancé made the move to Fletcher's hometown of Dallas, Texas, last week, and they're already getting acclimated to their new living situation.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the pair revealed how excited they were to start their life together, noting that they can't wait to settle down and just be normal.

"I'm ready for a sense of normalcy," Rodgers said. "We want to get into a routine with each other, getting into one place, moving in – I can't wait to go furniture shopping and grocery shopping. I love that. I'm so all about that."

"We have a house, we want to get some furniture and get settled," he added.

And it seems they've already done just that, packing up Rodgers' belongings in Nashville, TN, and driving down to Dallas to settle in to their new home. Rodgers also got to meet a very special member of Fletcher's family- her dog, Jackson.

"Jackson didn't recognize his father at he does," Rodgers quipped on Snapchat after meeting the pup.

The pair also dished about their relationship, revealing that they're excited to take some time for themselves.

"We're just excited to be together and be able to show our relationship to people who haven't been able to see it," Fletcher said.

"Because it's been hard," she added. "As great as it's been, it's also been very difficult so we just want to take that time to decompress and be ourselves. But I know he's ready. He's always trying to elope like every other day!"


While it's unlikely the couple will elope, they have started thinking about their wedding, sharing that they have been "actively" trying to set a date.

"It's 2017," Fletcher revealed. "We're so excited but planning a wedding seems very complicated!"