Irina Shayk Shows off Oscars Outfit After Boyfriend Bradley Cooper's Steamy Performance With Lady Gaga

Irina Shayk flaunted her incredible outfit from the Oscars on Monday, as the whole internet was talking about Bradley Cooper's performance with Lady Gaga.

Shayk has been dating Cooper since 2015, and all eyes have been on her since Cooper and Lady Gaga teamed up for A Star Is Born. Many have speculated that the two performers are harboring a secret romance in real life, but Shayk, a supermodel hailing from Russia, does not seem worried.

In her clip on Monday, Shayk revealed a closer look at her Oscars get-up. She wore a black dress with a collar that went all the way up to her throat, yet was completely open in the back. Around her waist and cuffs she wore glittering golden tassels, and her hair hung in a purposeful bob.

In the caption, Shayk thanked the professionals who helped put her look together. The clip showed the model stalking away from the camera, then turning with a smoldering expression. After a few seconds, however, she lost her composure and began laughing.

Shayk attended the Oscars in that very same outfit on Sunday alongside her boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Cooper. Like the rest of the audience, she watched Cooper and Gaga's intimate rendition of "Shallow," where the two singers held eye contact and ended up side by side singing cheek-to-cheek.

The performance, along with some other evidence, led many to believe that Cooper and Lady Gaga were more than just co-stars. However, sources close to Shayk told Us Weekly that she does not share their concern.

"Irina knows that Bradley and Gaga are artists," the insider said. "It's a nonissue for her. They were in character putting on an Oscar performance."

As seen on the award show, when Cooper and Lady Gaga returned to their seats in the front row, Shayk greeted her partner with a hug and a kiss. Earlier on in the night, when Lady Gaga stood to accept her award for Best Original Song, Shayk stood to hug her as well.


Fans are also projecting a real life relationship onto Cooper and Lady Gaga because she recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Christian Carino. The singer had been seeing Carino, a talent agent, since at least early 2017, but it sounds like she has no intention of going after Cooper as a rebound.

A Star Is Born was nominated for seven Oscars, though it did not win in any of those categories.