Halsey Reportedly 'Secretly' Dating Cara Delevingne

Singer Halsey is reportedly dating actress Cara Delvingne, while their two exes are seeing each other as well. According to The Sun, Halsey and Delvingne are enjoying a relatively new romance, since both are now living in Los Angeles, California. This news comes a few months after Delvingne split from girlfriend Ashley Benson, who is now seeing Halsey's ex-boyfriend, rapper G-Eazy.

"Cara has been hooking up with Halsey in the last few weeks, and they've been having a laugh together," a source told The Sun. "They've both been very open about their sexuality and just want to enjoy themselves, so they're both on the same wavelength." Halsey has been open about her bisexuality for a while now, although she has only dated men in the public eye to this point. The sources said that Halsey and Delvinge are not in an exclusive relationship and are just having fun for now.

"Cara has kissed her in front of friends and stuff. It's not a big deal for either of them," the source revealed. "It's actually just funny to them that their exes are together now, and there's no hard feelings."

Halsey has been on a string of dates with other public figures since her infamous split from G-Eazy, including singer Yungblud and actor Evan Peters. In an interview with Glamour last year, she revealed that her single "Without Me" is partially about her relationship and break up with G-Eazy.

Halsey's other relationships have factored into her music as well, though not in as dramatic a fashion. She collaborated with Yungblud on the song "11 Minutes," though it was never clear if that was before, during, or after their romantic fling together.

Either way, they broke up in September of 2019, and not long after, she reportedly began seeing Peters. Halsey had a longstanding crush on Peters, even before she entered the spotlight. Fans delighted in finding years-old tweets where she expressed her attraction to the actor. Still, their fling ended sometime in early 2020.

Meanwhile, Delvingne has often been identified as bisexual in the press, but actually identified herself as pansexual back in June, during an interview with Variety. She and Benson got together in June of 2019 and dated until April of 2020. Shortly after that, Benson reportedly began seeing G-Eazy. So far, the representatives of these performers have not responded to requests for comment from various news outlets.