Damian Lewis Reportedly Dating Rockstar

Actor Damian Lewis and rockstar Alison Mosshart appear to have struck up a summer romance. The two were photographed together in London, England last week and according to a report by The Daily Mail they were looking extremely affectionate together. While Lewis and Mosshart haven't made any grand announcements, some fans took this as their way of announcing their relationship to the public.

Lewis is perhaps best known in the U.S. for playing Nicholas Brody on Homeland and Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, while Mosshart is best known as the lead vocalist for The Kills and The Dead Weather. The two are not an obvious match at first sight, but they look happy and vibrant together in new photos taken around London last week. The suspected couple was spotted on a train together in the afternoon before attending a party at the Serpentine Gallery that evening. They stuck close together at the event, navigating the London socialite scene with apparent ease.

Lewis and Mosshart have reportedly been seen together at other high-profile events in the last couple of weeks, and at this point, onlookers feel confident they are in the presence of a new romance. One person who rode the same train with them told The Daily Mail they looked '100 percent romantically involved – like they were on a hot date... I wasn't sure if it was him at first but his voice is so deep and distinctive. But after all he's been through it is so lovely to think he's found someone new. They looked really happy together."

That fan was referring to Lewis losing his wife to breast cancer last year. Actress Helen McCrory passed away in april of 2021 at the age of 52. They had been married in 2007 and had two children together – a daughter named Manon and a son named Gulliver. Both are teenagers now.

Mosshart, meanwhile, grew up in Florida and now splits her time between London and Nashville, Tennessee. She does not have much of a public dating history and generally keeps her private life to herself. She formed a band with Jamie Hince in 2000 and moved to London to work with him after her previous band dissolved. When The Kills began playing shows with The White Stripes, Mosshart joined Jack White's supergroup The Dead Weather and became its lead vocalist.


So far, Lewis and Mosshart have not commented on the reports of their budding romance. Neither has been active on social media either.