Kelly Osbourne Reportedly Dating Slipknot Member After Split With Erik Bragg

Kelly Osbourne is reportedly dating Slipknot member Sid Wilson, following her split with cinematographer Erik Bragg in October. The Daily Mail published screenshots of photos from Osbourne's Instagram Stories, showing her and the heavy metal DJ getting cozy with one another and smiling. The photos came with no captions, but in one Wilson was giving Osbourne a kiss while she made a surprised face. It appears the pair were together to celebrate Wilson's 45th birthday, which was on Thursday.

Osbourne stated dating Bragg in 2020, and then late last year it was announced they'd split. Ahead of the split, the reality TV star spoke about their relationship on the Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn podcast. "I'm just really happy with what it is," Osbourne gushed in the August 2020 episode. She went on to clarify that the pair had not necessarily been defining their connection any specific way. "Someone that I used to date and now we are hanging out again. I don't even know how to explain it," she said. "What it is, is perfect. I full-blown love him. That's all I'm saying."

Additionally, Osbourne had credited Bragg with motivating her to get sober again. "There's so much irony in this last relapse for me because I made it all the way through the pandemic, I made it all the way through," she explained during an appearance on Red Table Talk in June 2021. "I was at my boyfriend's house, and I was s-t-faced on his couch eating pizza, and he looked over at me and I felt the way he looked at me,' and I was like, 'Oh no, I never want him to look at me like that again. Ever.' Like that didn't make me feel good. What am I doing?"

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant continued, "To suddenly be like 'Well, this is the side I never wanted you to see, you've seen it. Let's hope you never meet her again,' it was embarrassing. Because for the first time ever, I actually care how he feels, and I care how my behavior impacts him." 


Osbourne concluded, "I only want to be the best version of myself, for my family and my boyfriend and my friends and I was not. I was the furthest thing away from that. I've never had a boyfriend who's supportive of me in that area before, and he is very communicative and incredible in that way. So it's really nice – and my parents like him so that's also a positive." At this time, neither Osborne nor Wilson have made any public comments on the status of their relationship.