Gisele Bundchen Allegedly Seen Crying in New York Amid Tom Brady Marriage Rumors

Gisele Bundchen has reportedly been apart from husband Tom Brady for close to a month, according to recent reports. In that time, rumors have swirled about marriage trouble for the couple, with disagreements over Brady's return to football at the center of the anger. The latest sighting of the model has her in New York, and she's far from happy.

According to Page Six, the 42-year-old former supermodel was spotted in New York City getting emotional while taking a phone call. While walking near Hudson River Park, close to the Tribeca apartment she shares with Brady, Bundchen was spotted crying into her mobile phone.

Page Six speculates that Brady may have been on the other side of the call, while another told the outlet that her tears could be for another reason. According to the outlet, the Victoria's Secret angel was not happy with the coverage of her Elle magazine interview released earlier in the week.

"Gisele wanted the story to be about her career and her environmental work. But all the focus from the media was on her quotes about Tom," the source told the outlet. While this should be expected, a reason for her response becomes clear if you read the quotes in the profile.

"Seeing my children succeed and become the beautiful little humans that they are, seeing [Brady] succeed, and being fulfilled in his career – it makes me happy," she told the outlet. "At this point in my life, I feel like I've done a good job on that. I have a huge list of things that I have to do, that I want to do. At 42, I feel more connected with my purpose, and now it's going to be my turn."

Bundchen has been focusing on philanthropic work and environmental action, including in her home country of Brazil. According to Page Six, the former supermodel has donated tens of thousands of trees to be planted in the nation, combating deforestation in the Amazon.

For Brady, his return to the football field was a surprise for everybody but seems to be playing out like he'd want. The Buccaneers are currently undefeated in their start to the season, though Brady's frustrations came out to play a bit on Sunday. According to Page Six, he's hopeful that the end of the drama will be positive.


"Tom is still hoping they can reconcile. Gisele has told him she's leaving him before, and they always made up when she cooled down," a source told the outlet. Brady is reportedly very sad over the spat.