Dean McDermott Frustrated With Being 'Bad Guy' in Split With Wife Tori Spelling

According to a source, Spelling and her husband are at odds over her public comments claiming they "can't get on the same page."

Dean McDermott is reportedly reaching a breaking point with Tori Spelling, with sources saying that he is upset because his estranged wife is rushing to make everything public, thereby contributing to their rift. There has been a troubled relationship between McDermott, 56, and Spelling, 50, since their wedding in 2006, but the actor appears to have called it quits after 18 years of marriage on June 16 after posting on Instagram that he and the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum had split after 18 years. However, the post was quickly reports that according to insiders, he now wonders what his former wife will do next in the wake of her recent media attention. The source told the outlet, "Dean is at his wits end when it comes to Tori, even when he feels bad for her, he questions what she is doing next." It seems that the level of concern for Spelling has grown even higher after the star revealed that she had spent the past five days or so in a hospital receiving treatment for an illness that is still a mystery.

The star and her children Liam, 16, Stella, 15, Hattie, 11, Finn, 10, and Beau, six, had to leave their home after discovering a massive mold infestation in May. There was also a picture of the family staying in a roadside motel that was charging $100 a night before they appeared to be making their home in a trailer. According to the source, McDermott is keeping his focus on his children in the midst of this situation. "Dean's main focus all along has been being a great father," the insider explained. 'He loves his kids so much and wants the absolute best for them and will fight tooth and nail for them and wanted to do that with Tori, but living with Tori became a chore." The insider added: "Now, with Tori's living arrangements, health concerns, and drama-charged life, Dean is trying to navigate through it all and be there for her and the kids through the tough times and to steer clear when Tori is being Tori." "It has been a bunch of hoops that there seems to be no end in sight." 

The source indicated to Daily Mail that Spelling and her husband have clashed over her public statements about recent struggles in her marriage, claiming that the couple "can't get on the same page" about how to deal with the situation. The source continued, "Dean is really trying to figure it all out, but Tori is making that difficult, Dean wants to figure everything out behind closed doors, and Tori is interested in making everything public and having people feel bad for her." "They can't get on the same page, and it looks to Dean that she doesn't want the help, which is very frustrating. There is going to be more of the same in the immediate future, and Dean hates it because he doesn't want to be looked at as the bad guy."