Dane Cook's Cheesy Instagram Comments to 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor Go Viral

Dane Cook's PDA-heavy relationship with 19-year-old Kelsi Taylor has regained its viral status after a few highlights were posted to Twitter on Thursday.

Cook, 46, is in a very public relationship with Taylor, an up-and-coming singer and actress based in Los Angeles. The two have had some truly cringe-worthy on social media in the last year or so, and they come in and out of the spotlight now and then. Fans are generally horrified by their massive age difference, as well as their unabashed public displays of affection, though they're so common that many go unnoticed.

On Thursday, Buzzfeed's Lara Parker solved that problem by tweeting several of the weirdest comments cook has left on Taylor's Instagram all at once.

"I love you more than our haters hate us!!" he wrote on a photo of the two of them.

"This pic is completely sasstacular," he said of a picture of Taylor and friend.

"Careful a bee doesn't think you're a flower!" he commented on a photo of Taylor standing in front of a display of flowers.

Parker kept the thread going with many other distinctly awkward moments, and her followers joined in. She inspired many people who have apparently been watching the strange relationship unfold, many of whom dropped their own screenshots in for good measure.

"Red is the color of passion!" Cook added to a photo of Taylor wearing a raincoat.

"My favorite beautiful sight in Maui," he wrote on a photo of Taylor in a bikini.

As Parker pointed out, the sheer volume of comments was the strangest part, as Cook apparently couldn't let a single post go by without weighing in. Many comments weren't even romantic or sexually, but they were odd simply for showing how closely the comedian watches his girlfriend's feed.

"My best friends don't even comment on my pictures this often I think I'm starting to get jealous please help me," she wrote.

Of course, Taylor and Cook are also known for fiercely defending their relationship, in spite of the constant head-scratching. This was no exception, as Parker posted a screenshot of Taylor's response to her thread.

"Choke on that haterade, b— :)" she wrote.

"oh," Parker added.


Cook and Taylor somehow went unnoticed with their odd love affair for about a year, before it suddenly exploded into the public consciousness back in January.

Fans were baffled that they had missed a year's worth of strange comments and selfies from the couple, who have a 26-year age difference.