What Is Brandon Blackstock's Net Worth

Following the news that Kelly Clarkson has filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock, many might be wondering what his net worth is. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blackstock's estimated worth is around $5 million. Professionally, Blackstock is a talent manager, and has been managing Clarkson's career.

On Thursday, it was announced that Clarkson filed for divorce in an Los Angeles court on June 4. Notably, the couple recently put their L.A. home on the market, which may have been a sign that their relationship was on the rocks. Clarkson and Blackstock reportedly first met in 2006, while he was married to Melissa Ashworth. Blackstock shares two children with Ashworth: 18-year-old daughter Savannah, and 13-year-old son Seth. The pair divorced in 2012, the same year he began dating and became engaged to Clarkson.

Recently, Clarkson spoke to PEOPLE about what it had been like for the family to be quarantined together in Montana, during the coronavirus pandemic, revealing that they didn't initially realize how long they were going to be staying. "We don't have a home here, so we've been staying in a cabin" she said, adding, "We've been in really close quarters and it's been kind of nuts, I'm not going to lie." Clarkson continued, "At the end of the day, I know people who have had coronavirus and I'm just very lucky and we're very blessed to not have been sick. We keep reminding our kids of that and we keep reminding each other of that. But we definitely have some cabin fever going on."

She also explained that they brought their children's caretaker Allie, with them because she knew she "would have to still work." She called this a "very smart" decision, then joked, "She's probably about to drive into a lake." Clarkson went on to say: "The one qualification that most people don't have to be a teacher, it's not even the education as much as it is the patience. It's so hard to keep your mind and emotional state together. We're used to going to a place of business and working and then coming home and that's your relaxed place, and that's where you have fun. The same thing for kids [with school]."