Adam Levine Praises Wife Behati Prinsloo as 'The Queen' in Tribute to Her 30th Birthday

Adam Levine is bending the knee for his queen, wife Behati Prinsloo.

For the model's 30th birthday, The Voice coach posted a sweet photo with a gushing caption on Instagram, celebrating what he loves about his life partner.

In the photo, Prinsloo looks every bit the boss, wearing retro white sunglasses, a basic white tee and blowing a red plastic whistle.

behati prinsloo
(Photo: Instagram/Adam Levine)

"The Queen turns 30 today. She’s a legend. She’s THE baddest," Levine captioned the photo. "In just a few years we have laughed and loved harder than most. I wake up every morning thankful that it wasn’t all a dream. Here’s to a thousand more years. I love you [Behati Prinsloo] with everything I got."

Prinsloo has certainly deserved the praise in recent months, having given birth to the couple's second child, Gio Grace, in February. The couple also shares daughter Dusty Rose, who was born in September 2016.

She may have more pregnancies in her future, too. During a May interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Levine spoke candidly about parenthood, saying, "It's just so much fun. Being dad's the most fun thing on the planet."

DeGeneres then inquired if they are considering more kids in the future, to which Levine jokingly responded, "At this rate, yeah, I think I'm definitely going to let my wife be in control of the timing of the next child."

DeGeneres followed up by asking if Prinsloo also wants more kids. "Oh yeah, we want, like, a lot," the Maroon 5 crooner replied, prompting the talk show host to ask in jest, "Like five, like Maroon 5."

Levine and Prinsloo first began dating in May 2012. They married two years later, in July of 2014.

Prinsloo clearly feels the same way about her husband that he feels about her.

"I love Adam, and when you get married and you fall in love with someone, you think that there’s no greater love than that love," Prinsloo told PEOPLE last year. “And then you have a baby, and it’s just next-level love.”

She said the most surprising thing about becoming a mom was finding out what that "next-level" of affection.


"I think I was surprised by that because everybody always tells you that, and you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever.’ I see how much more you can love," Prinsloo said. “You think there’s a limit to love — like, ‘This is the thing that I love the most’ — but honestly, I think what surprised me most is how intense that love is, and also how hard, at times, it is.”

Photo credit: Instagram/Behati Prinsloo