Blake Shelton's 'Proud Girlfriend' Gwen Stefani Congratulates Him on CMA Awards Win

Gwen Stefani shared her excitement over her boyfriend Blake Shelton winning the Country Music Award for Single of the Year on her Instagram account. “So happy for Blake Shelton,” she wrote alongside a series of photos of Shelton and her. She added a string of hashtags, like, "single of the year," "proud girlfriend" and "date night." She concluded it with the hashtag, "God's Country," his winning single of the night.

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Fans reacted in the comments, with one writing, “I just love the way you look at each other (of course who could blame either one of you).”

“Love Blake’s music, been a fan of yours for 25 years. You two make a beautiful couple,” another said.

“You two are adorable. Also Congratulations to him, he deserved it,” a third commented.

“This makes my heart explode of happiness for you,” a fourth wrote.

After winning the award, Shelton talked to and other media about the song and his career. "For me, it was a little bit of a throwback with a little more of a rock edge," Shelton said. "I knew that there were at least some people out there that were starving for a song like that, because I was one of them. But I had no idea that it would do everything that it did for me, and [I'd] stand up holding one of these things, because you can never see that coming. But I'm really happy it did because it shows me that there's still an audience out there that's starving for music like that and radio, it still gives it a chance and it works for all of us.


"I think the success of 'God's Country' is a combination of the message of the song and simply the title of the song, kind of where we are now," he continued.. "Our culture in this country is refreshing just to see it. Also I think the song – you don't hear songs that sound like that anymore. And as I say that, there probably hasn't been that many to begin with, but it's just one of those things that kind of has the 'Country Boy Can Survive' element to it."

Earlier in the night the couple sparked some upset reactions from fans after they skipped out on walking the red carpet. But they had a good reason: Shelton and Stefani were stuck in Nashville traffic, as the couple captured in their Instagram Stories.


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