Kate Beckinsale Blasts Hater of Her Rumored Romance With 'SNL' Comic Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale clapped back at an Instagram commenter on Friday after they asked about her rumored relationship with Pete Davidson.

Beckinsale has been spotted out with Davidson at least twice now, and fans are beginning to talk. Neither of the stars has confirmed or deny the relationship, though Beckinsale has had some cheeky responses to fans who ask her about it online. She fired off another one on Friday when someone asked about it on an unrelated post.

"Disappointed in your dating choices," the fan wrote under a selfie Beckinsale had posted.

(Photo: Instagram @katebeckinsale)

"Fairly let down by your wonky beard," the actress fired back, "but thought possibly rude to say."

Fans went wild for Backinsale's response, jeering at the commenter and praising Beckinsale's wit. The user later commented again, incredulous to have gotten a response, but Beckinsale did not broach the issue again. However, the two posts her critic have made since have gotten comments from Beckinsale's fans.

"Disappointed in your eating habits," one person wrote beneath a picture of his dinner.

"Disappointed by your cake choice!" another commented on a picture of his latest post.

Beckinsale and Davidson were first spotted together at an after party for the Golden Globes back in January. At the time, Davidson was just returning to the public eye after his split with Ariana Grande and his apparently suicidal break down on Instagram.

Sources told Page Six that Davidson and Beckinsale were "flirting all night and sipping Mo√ęt champagne." The story picked up traction, not just because both are huge stars but also because of the 20 year age difference between them. Earlier this month, they were seen together again when Beckinsale accompanied Davidson to his stand-up show in Los Angeles.


The two were photographed holding hands on the way from the venue to the car, and Beckinsale did her best to cover her face. Still, neither she nor Davidson did anything to try and deny the story, and neither did Grande.

The singer told TMZ reporters that Davidson and Beckinsale are "so cute" together earlier this month. Grande has been largely apologetic to Davidson since breaking off their engagement after her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, passed away.