Kate Hudson's 'Lazy' Remark About C-Sections Has Moms Everywhere Firing Back

Kate Hudson is catching heat for her controversial comment about what it’s like to give birth via c-section.

The 38-year-old actress is featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s October issue and, in true Cosmo fashion, was given a list of questions to write out her candid responses for a printed spread.

One of the questions read, “The laziest thing I’ve ever done:” and Hudson responded with “Have a C-section!”

Her cheeky answer hasn’t been well received by readers, who have taken to social media to blast the actress with criticism.

Very irresponsible to say such a thing. C-sections are performed to save the lives of the mothers and/or their unborn child,one user responded on Instagram.

Some stuck up for the actress, noting that she was only describing her experience. One user says that argument still doesn’t make her words right: “Absolutely disgusting how another women can say having a c section is lazy! Whether it was meant for her or all people in general, its completely insensitive! Is it not enough that we are harsh enough on ourselves during and after pregnancy now for someone, who many people look up to, to make a comment such as this. Some of us didn't have any other option!

Hudson, a mother of two, had a C-section with her oldest son, Ryder, in 2004. The Glasgow Daily Record quoted the actress as saying she opted for a C-section to prevent paparazzi from bothering her. "The doctor said I could go home, but it was such a pain in the butt to get to hospital because we were being stalked by photographers,” PEOPLE reports. “I was like, ‘I am not going home, just don’t want to do this again. Let’s just have a C-section.’"

About 32 percent of all births are delivered by Cesarean, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. And though Hudson may have laughed her experience off, other C-section mothers are taking her comments personally.

“I've had 3 C-sections and it's by far not the 'laziest thing I've ever done,’” one user responded. “Come on @katehudson you must've known you were gonna get hate on for that answer. It's nice to know what you think of the majority of women who give birth that way. Thanks *sarcasm*.”

Photo credit: Instagram / @katehudson