Shocking End to WWE Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Carmella was announced the winner in the historic first-ever Women's Money in the Bank match. In a huge upset, it was actually James Ellsworth who got the briefcase, giving the win to the Princess of Staton Island.

The Queen of the WWE Women's Revolution Charlotte entered the ring first, followed by Becky Lynch, then Carmella and James Ellsworth, and with Natalya and Tamina rounding out the competition.

By the time Tamina entered, she had the first chance to stand tall in the center, and nearly got the first ladder up. But her hesitation cost her, as Charlotte, Becky, and Natalya took turns storming the ring.

Natalya was first to get up a ladder and place a hand on the briefcase, but longtime rival Charlotte knocked her down with an electric chair drop. Charlotte and Carmella then went up opposite sides, making it to the top, but Tamina spoiled their hopes

Though the action was a slow build at first, it became evident how much of an endurance match this would be as the competitors finally began to utilize the ladders as weapons and break out the submission holds.

But the fighting largely remained a game of turns, both in one-on-one attacks and with each woman getting a hand on the briefcase, while one solitary ladder remained in the center.

Charlotte busted out a moonsault on Natalya on Tamina off a corner ladder, and Becky Lynch disposed of Carmella with a powerbomb. But her climb to the top was spoiled by none other than James Ellsworth-- who shockingly climbed the ladder himself, unclasping the briefcase with ease and handing an early, though officially challenged victory to Carmella.

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Carmella, Natalya and Tamina joined forces upon Charlotte's arrival on SmackDown, forming the "welcoming committee" heel stable to make The Queen's life miserable. Though it doesn't make much sense why they would also be "welcoming" former SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch to the blue brand roster, they have consistently aligned against their babyface counterparts in the months since. But tonight it was every woman for herself.

The competition was evenly stacked, with legacy superstars rivals Charlotte, Natalya, and Tamina facing NXT stand-outs and crowd favorites Carmella and Becky Lynch, showcasing the depth of the blue brand women's division.

Despite her underdog standing, many had Carmella as an early pick to win the briefcase. Perhaps because she already has a valet/manager in James Ellsworth, and the pair could really make "Ms Money in the Bank" a fabulous affair in the tradition of past heels who carried the prized contract for longer periods or cashed in at cheap opportunities.

Last October, Charlotte and Sasha Banks competed in the first ever women's Hell In A Cell, which also happened to be the first ever women's PPV main event. Only a few months later, Alexa Bliss faced Becky Lynch in the first ever women's Tables Match on SmackDown, paving the way for tonight's history-making first-ever women's ladder match.

Though Carmella likely won't take the opportunity to cash in the briefcase on the winner of tonight's SmackDown Women's Championship match, it's hard to say whether she will do so at the first opportunity on a coming SmackDown Live or carry it longer, at least until a future PPV.


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