Door Opening for Possible WWE and NJPW Super Show

If you've grown up a wrestling fan, there's one phrase that has been ingrained into your head: never say never. A moment that would certainly qualify for that phrase may have just become a little more likely.

Imagine a scenario where the two biggest wrestling promotions in the world, WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling, hold an event together. It would be absolutely remarkable, full of dreams matches that would have fans drooling in anticipation for months.

Now, if you listen to Triple H, it sounds like WWE may actually be open to this kind of idea, which would set-up the biggest co-promoted wrestling show since WCW ran multiple events with NJPW back in the early 1990s.

Via The Sun:

"We are open to doing things with anybody or anything," Triple H said.

He continued, "We have an alliance with PROGRESS in the UK, a situation with ICW in Scotland, two very well run and respected promotions that do good business – but more importantly they are cultivating talent. They are not just exploiting talent and grabbing guys to do a show with them, they are teaching talent and trying to make them better, which is what it is all about for me."

WWE has certainly become a lot more open in recent years with working with outside wrestling companies and it sounds as if Triple H has been one of the voices in leading that charge.

As mentioned above, the working partnership with PROGRESS and ICW has allowed WWE talent to work their shows and vice-versa, largely in conjunction with WWE attempting to get their own U.K. division off the ground.

Some co-promotion involving NJPW, at least in-directly, has already happened. WWE released some video footage online and on the WWE Network this week of current NJPW IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega when he was working for WWE as part of Deep South Wrestling over a decade ago.


Finally, this week at E3, Omega and the Young Bucks took on The New Day in a video game challenge that was actually promoted via WWE's social media and

One thing is for certain: these are no longer the days of the Monday Night Wars where even uttering the name of a rival wrestling company was strictly prohibited. With more of an open border situation these days. Just look at Chris Jericho working both WWE and NJPW this year, winning a title in the process. The sky is the limit on possible dream match scenarios that could actually come to pass.