WWE Stopped Enzo Amore's Attempt to Go from Hospital Bed to Wrestling Ring

Enzo Amore's affinity for Michael Jordan is no secret. And on the New Year's day episode of RAW, the Cruiserweight Champion tried to emulate one of Jordan's more iconic moments, but WWE stopped it from happening.

During the 1997 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan leads the Chicago Bulls to a pivotal Game 6 victory by depositing 38 points in 44 minutes of playing. A remarkable performance in its own right became one of legend as MJ was battling a crippling case of the flu. His resilient play would be forever known as "The Flu Game."

Well, Enzo aimed for a similar gutsy performance when he checked himself out of the Miami hospital and rushed to the American Airlines Arena so he could defend his Championship against Cedric Alexander on RAW. However, per PWIsider WWE officials would not let him compete given his flu-ridden condition.

We have to applaud Enzo's grit, but it's probably for the best he was forced to sit out RAW last night. He shared an Instagram post the revealed he was indeed battling some kind of funk and WWE likely deemed him competing was just an unnecessary risk. Instead, we got to see Goldust do his bet Cruiserweight impression.


There is no word as to whether Amore will be at Tuesday's episode of 205 Live, but he should be making a full recovery over the next few days.