English Teenager Who Killed 14-Year Old Boy with Wrestling Move Convicted of Manslaughter

Cole Makin an 18-year old wrestling fan from Nottingham, England was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months to a young offender's institution after the accidental killing of 14-year old Reece Seagrave.

In a dispute over the equivalent of $5, Makin picked Seagrave by his lower half and slammed him to the asphalt of a neighborhood street. Seagrave instantly fell unconscious, signaling that menial scuffle had become an emergency.

Makin would dismiss a query from a passerby in telling them that Seagrave "had too much to drink and smoked too much weed," according to the Daily Mail.

After nearly half an hour, Makin realized that the situation would not improve and ran into a neighboring house and asked "'Can you come and look at this person? I think he is dead. I think I have killed him,'" said the prosecuting attorney, Andrew Vout.

That neighbor would call an ambulance and perform CPR while Makin stuck around to help. Seagrave was rushed to the hospital, but doctors could not save him.

Makin would go home to his mother's house only to turn himself in the next morning. He would admit to the manslaughter charge and his dense attorney, Steven Gosnell, issue the following:

"Cole Mackin cannot explain why he did what he did. It happened in an instant. He describes it as a wrestling move. One of the passions of them as friends was wrestling," said Gosnell.


The Nottingham Crown Court judge would tell Makin, 'Your actions were wholly unjustified and although they occurred in the spur of the moment, the body slamming of Reece was both aggressive in its nature and obviously dangerous.Body slams are particularly dangerous maneuvers."

Makin will serve at least half of his sentence at young offender's institution before he will be released on license.