Charlotte Snaps Asuka's Streak in WrestleMania 34 Shocker

Charlotte Flair just ended Asuka's legendary streak to keep her SmackDown Women's Championship.

This will prove to be one of the biggest shocks of WrestleMania as it appeared Asuka would stay unbeaten for the foreseeable future. However, Charlotte just flexed her muscles as the Queen of WWE.

While it's hard to consider Charlotte Flair an underdog in any WWE match, it certainly appeared she was destined to be yet another victim of Asuka's. However, after a lengthy Figure 8, it was Asuka who tapped.

The build to this match began the same moment Asuka became the first ever Women's Royal Rumble winner. While her meeting Charlotte in the Superdome was always a prominent rumor, WWE did a good job of squeezing suspense out of Asuka choice between Flair and then RAW Champion Alexa Bliss.

If WWE could have it their way, this will be the first of many blockbuster matches between Asuka and Flair. Combined with Ronda Rousey this will be the holy triumvirate of women's wrestling for quite some time.


However, names like Bliss, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax could easily enter the same echelon if given the chance. Women's wrestling has become a bankable commodity for WWE, and given their unprecedented roster, the rise of females in the sport has only just begun.