The Usos Retain by DQ in WWE Money In The Bank Tag Match

The New Day won tonight's tag team championship match from Money in the Bank from the Scottrade [...]

The New Day won tonight's tag team championship match from Money in the Bank from the Scottrade Center in St Louis, but as the victory was by DQ count-out, their opponents The Usos remain WWE SmackDown tag division champions.

Though the Usos had declared the SmackDown Tag Division their domain as the "Usos Penitentiary" their challengers the New Day announced upon their entrance that it would instead be "The New Day Play-Pen," a place for pb-and-j's and whimsy.

But upon The Usos boisterous entrance, it was clear the fun was over. Kofi and Jimmy began the match, trading locks until Kofi took Jimmy down. Jimmy retaliated, taking Kingston to the corner where Jey put him to sleep with a right hand.

After Big E hit the Usos with a splash, the current champs regained control by cleverly guiding Kofi out of the ring, plastering him to the floor with a clothesline, and throwing him into the post with a suplex.

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Kofi rebounded, landing a drop kick to a massive crowd pop, and making the tag to Big E. Big E hit three Belly-to-belly suplexes until a right hand from Jimmy momentarily slowed him down. But Langston fought back, spearing Jimmy out of the ring. Upon throwing him back in, Jimmy slips a Trouble in Paradise, nearly running into his brother and finally locking in a submission.

Though Big E remained the legal man, the Usos continued to target and take out Kofi. After an attempted roll up by Langston, Kofi splashed on the Usos from outside.

The New Day finally seized the opportuniy to land the Midnight hour on Jimmy Uso. However, Jey pulled Jimmy out of the ring, and the brothers cunningly, if not cowardly, retreated with their titles as the ref counts to ten.

Two weeks ago, The New Day went to SmackDown Live's Fashion Police (Breezango) for some background intel on their WWE Money in the Bank opponents, The Usos. Last week the comedic duos joined forces to face off against the Usos and Colons in an eight-man tag match.

Though The New Day arrived on the blue brand with white hot heat, and have won their matches since, The Usos have steadily been upstaging their mic antics with their own brand of adrenaline (and 5-hour Energy) fueled verbal slams.

This latest development will certainly heat things up in their still fresh rivalry, as the Usos increasingly depend on heel tactics and cheap heat to rain on The New Day's parade of rainbows and unicorns.

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