The Undertaker vs AJ Styles Rumored For The Royal Rumble

Let's be honest, last night was weird. We all expected The Undertaker to return to Smackdown LIVE [...]

Let's be honest, last night was weird. We all expected The Undertaker to return to Smackdown LIVE on a bolt of lightning and either call out his Wrestlemania 33 opponent or demand to join Team Smackdown at the Survivor Series. Instead, the Lord of Darkness kind of, sort of, announced his return to full-time action and threatened any member of Team Smackdown that might cost their team a victory against Team RAW this Sunday.

The Undertaker's sudden concern for brand loyalty seemed a bit odd considering he hadn't appeared on Smackdown in over a year. Had he gained that much respect for Shane O Mac since their Hell In A Cell encounter at last year's Wrestlemania or were bigger plans being laid out right before our eyes?

According to a rumor from CageSideSeats the purpose of The Undertaker's threat was to set up a future program with the man who will cost Team Smackdown the victory this Sunday. It's been rumored that Taker will likely meet Randy Orton or John Cena at Wrestlemania 33, which would leave AJ Styles as the perfect opponent for The Undertaker to face at The Royal Rumble.

A seasoned ring veteran like AJ is the perfect choice for the Undertaker's first time back in the ring since Wrestlemania 32. If AJ can make James Ellsworth look like a million bucks, imagine what he can do for the Phenom? Not only is AJ vs Taker an unimaginable dream match, but an Undertaker victory at The Royal Rumble could set up a Wrestlemania 33 possibility that no one saw coming!

If the WWE does want to go ahead with a Undertaker vs John Cena retirement match at Wrestlemania, how much bigger would the stakes be if Taker came into Orlando carrying the WWE World Championship?

Dare I say, the story of John Cean going for his record tying 16th world championship against The Undertaker's career would be the biggest match in Wrestlemania history!

Only time will tell if this dream scenario plays out. Until then, who would you like to see as The Undertaker's first opponent?