The World Reacts to The Rock's New Tattoo

The Rock shook the world to its core earlier today when he posted an Instagram photo showing off his new tattoo. It's not so much about his new ink as what it replaced. The Rock covered up his version of Jordan "Jumpman," the Brahma Bull, with a dramatic portrait of some kind of skeleton beast.

As expected the reactions were abundant. They ranged from supportive to utter despair. Who knew a drawing on human skin could cause such excitement?

It seems most feel threatened by Rock's lack of concern for nostalgia. Perhaps what we've learned via Rock's need for "evolution" is that most folks don't like change - even if it doesn't happen to them personally.


Evolution of the bull. Blood, sweat & years. After 3 sessions and 22hrs of tattooing with world renowned @NikkoHurtado, the story's almost done.. Every detail is a reflection of my own personal history. From the cracks and heavy damage in the bone representing life's hard lessons I've learned over the years. Just like scars and wrinkles - I'm so grateful to have 'em because they're earned. To the horns, not pointing up or out to the side, but pointing straight ahead representing relentless energy and forward progress. The core and anchor of this image is in the eye. Look closely and you'll find the life, energy, power and you'll feel the MANA (spirit). The eye tells the story of a disruptive positive energy always ready to dent the universe. Depending on the light and angle, sometimes the energy's subtle and sometimes it's glaring. But it's always alive and ready to disrupt the universe and love and protect my family and all things I love with intense passion and gratitude. Cheers to living, learning, evolving and growing. And to the positive disrupters ready to dent the universe. #EvolutionOfTheBull #TheDisrupter #TheMana #NowLetsBreakOutTheTequila

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Photo Credit: Twitter / @GQMagazine