WWE Rumors: Superstar Shake-Up Edition

Regardless of the sport, the rumor mill is always an excitable place. Rumblings and grumblings tend to pick up around the time of a draft or trade deadline and WWE has managed to combine the elements of both to birth the Superstar Shake-Up.

This hybrid creation cultivates an ideal arena for rumors and since it's literally hours away, we'd like to share the most prominent innuendo currently zooming about cyberspace.

The Intercontinental and US Championship Will Swap

In the first-ever Superstar Shake-Up, we saw The Miz bring his Intercontinental baby to RAW and Kevin Owens bring the US Championship to SmackDown. A similar plan seems to be in the works for Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal.

Cagesideseats reports that multiple titles are expected to change shows and since the tag belts and major belts are brand specific, that leaves only Rollins and Mahal left to switch.

Asuka Headed to SmackDown

This one may have been spoiled via advertisement last week but, but we can expect it to be made official tonight. Asuka was guest star o nSmackdWon leading to WrestleMania but now it looks and feels like it will be a permanent home for her.

Even more, her and SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella have already started beefing.

RAW is Rusev

Rusev's confusing plight has fans asking what's real and what's fake. But what could simply the barrage of misinformation is the Bulgarian Brute landing safe on RAW.

After all, Rusev laid down this heavy teaser last week:

SmackDown Will Be at RAW

PWInsider reports that the majority of the Blue Brand's roster will be in the building for RAW tonight. While this isn't a surprising rumor, it's one we're willing to guarantee.

Charlotte Flair to Be Ms. Monday Night?


This is one of the more speculative concepts on this list, but now that she's title-less, Charlotte is free to make the move. Combine that with the potential to for her to rub shoulders with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte's arrival to RAW seems like a mere formality.

We'll keep you posted as more information leaks out in the final hours before the Shake Up, but consider yourself briefed! Regardless of rumors, we're guaranteed to see significant movement on RAW and SmackDown this week, so get ready, WWE Universe.