Could Asuka Be Carmella's First Challenger for SmackDown Women's Championship?

After Carmella snuck away with the SmackDown Women's Championship, it appeared that her first title defense would come to again Charlotte Flair. However, 'Mella may have already found a new adversary—except she's not on SmackDown.


Twitter is a wonderful place for mudslinging, especially if you're a WWE Superstar. The social media platform has proven to be a fruitful place to throw gas on any WWE fire and it looks like Carmella and Asuka are teasing a future altercation.

Normally, an exchange of insulting tweets is no more than just good fodder, but with the Superstar Shake-Up just hours away, there may be something more to Asuka and Carmella's Twitter beef.

Asuka has been heavily implicated in SmackDown rumors. As it stands, she's one of the most likely SUperstars to switch from Red to Blue and if that's the case, she'll likely be inserted in the Championship picture upon arrival.


So, in correlation with the rumors, Auska and Carmella have already laid the groundwork for a potential Championship feud.

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