Some WWE Superstars Weren't Very Excited About Braun Strowman's Big Push

In just 2 years of time on WWE's main roster, Braun Strowman graduated from Wyatt Family muscle to one of the biggest draws in the company. While his rapid rise is hardly surprising, the fact that some corners of the WWE locker room resented his push certainly is.

In an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Monster Among Men revealed that there was a touch of animosity among his peers when he started to get opportunities.

“Yeah, there was a little bit of animosity, I could tell,” Strowman said. “But, you know, this is a great place. It’s a great company to work for. And I won everyone over because of how hard I worked, putting my body on the line and doing everything I can to get better — listening, watching other matches, watching the whole entire show," he explained.

By proving his dedication to the craft of professional wrestling, Strowman began to win over his peers. According to Braun, other wrestlers may not have appreciated the fact that he had limited experience in the ring, yet was still becoming a priority for WWE.

“At first, yes there were some of those guys who had been working years and years and years just to get here. But it’s not like I didn’t put in my time and pay my dues to get here. I traveled around the world competing in strongman contests, paying my way to do all that on my own dime for years. And then I had an opportunity when WWE saw me at The World’s Strongest Man. We talked, exchanged information," said Strowman.

Mark Henry proved to be the gatekeeper that got Strowman into WWE, and the rest, it looks, is history.

“I went down and had a trial and earned a spot in the developmental program down at the Performance Center and worked my tail off down there, earned a spot on NXT, got called up, and continued to work hard and get to where we’re at now," he said.


There's no denying Strowman now as he is a short line to become the next Universal Champion. Since he's flipped from heel to face, the WWE has fully embraced him as their next Monster.

[H/T StillRealToUs for the transcription]