Scott Hall Opens up About the Most Disgusting Prank WWE History

Ranging from "Kick Me" signs to Saran wrapping cars, pranks are a permanent part of our sense of humor. However, sometimes they go too far. Like when a grown man drops a freshly brewed turd in your new suitcase.

In wrestling, pooping in a peer's bag is the ultimate "gotcha" and wrestlers have used this trick for decades as a backwards way to police their locker room.

Scott Hall discussed this phenomenon when he appeared on the CCW Podcast. According to Hall, the poop prank was passed down from generation to generation, not unlike a special family recipe.

"Fuji was most known for the s--t rib and he passed it on to Curt who passed it on to X-Pac, and if they don't like you, they just s--t in your bag. And sometimes it would be multiple s--ts. It would be different textures and it was like I never really participate in any of that. I was aware it was happening. I never s--t in anybody's bag," explained Hall.

While Hall refrained from feces-based pranks, he may have been in the minority as they were a real hit with the locker room.

"I never wanted to see it because some guys would walk around and go, 'wow, look' to me and I'd go, 'no, I believe you'. Then, they'd s--t in your bag if they didn't like you and depending on how you sold it, they even did it to Madusa, Alundra Blayze. She came in with a little bit of an attitude and she got s--t ribbed. Sunny and Chris Candido, Skip and Sunny, ooh, one time on a European tour, they got s--t ribbed," Hall remembered.

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However, WWE Hall of Famer, Curt Hennig, a.k.a. Mr. Perfect, had a variation on the classic WWE prank that may have been trademarked.

"And Curt would do the upper decker. He would go in your room, if he could get in your house, he'd like it even better," illustrated Hall. He would go in your hotel room and lift the back of the toilet, like the part where the flushing stuff goes, he'd s--t in there and put the lid back on and you'd be smelling it for days!"

Hall didn't mention who X-Pac handed his brown baton to, but chances are, this infamous prank died years ago. As a publicly traded company, WWE was forced to evolve from their Carnie roots and assimilate into the real world.


We all grow up eventually.

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