WWE Teases Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax Blockbuster on RAW

Prognosticating Ronda Rousey's WWE future has become one of the better pastimes as a wrestling fan. And on Monday's edition of RAW, WWE may have given a strong hint towards the former UFC Champion's direction.

On RAW, Rousey joined Natalya's side in her match against Mickie James, who was accompanied by Alexa Bliss. After Nattie's victory, things broke down and Nia Jax entered to play queen of the jungle. However, upon entering the ring to join Rousey and Nattie, she gave the MMA legend quite the stare down.

What you must understand is that everything that happens on WWE cameras has its place. And by Nia slapping a quick, nonverbal judgment on Rousey, that was her executing a backstage direction. This doesn't mean that they'll be fighting next week, but it certainly indicates an altercation in 2018.

For PWInsder's, Mike Johnson, this has SummerSlam written all over it.

"Then they did the moment of Nia and Rousey, kinda facing off, which of course they will build that as a dream match at some point. Before the two raised each other’s arms and they’re both happy, happy, joy, joy smiling. It was an interesting little thing. I looked at that and went, “there’s SummerSlam.” That’s were my brain immediately went. That’s the initial tease for SummerSlam," he said.

Dave Meltzer, another internet wrestling sage, and keeper of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, also think Jax vs. Rousey was the message WWE wanted to convey. However, he adds that he doesn't like the way WWE is using Rousey at the moment.

"I think that there was something there. You know in the long run I think that obviously at some point they are going to do something with Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax. It’s natural, so this was like step one of it. But I just felt like it was trivializing Ronda Rousey, she didn’t serve a purpose. She shouldn’t be on television every week. If she’s on television every week she’ll be less of a star," he said.

Meltzer may have a point, but Rousey is in the beginning chapters of her WWE careeer—she needs the reps. So sure, some of her novelty may wear off, but it's in the name of making her a bonafide star.

At this point, WWE is in data collection mode. They're keeping a keen eye on every movement Rousey makes to see what can be improved and what can be monetized. By her and Nia having a tiny confrontation, WWE gets to see if there is any magic between the two of them.


We won't know for a few months, as Rousey still has to have her first ever singles match in WWE. Jax herself will be busy maintaining her reigns a RAw Women's champion, but when summer hits, these two may be on a collision course.

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