The Miz and Miztourage Destroy Roman Reigns and Call out the Shield

Tonight, The Miz and Miztourage declared war on the Shield.

After a gratuitous beatdown of Roman Reigns, the Miz and his cronies, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel defiantly struck the Shield's triple fist pose. Despite the metaphorical thumb to the eye, there was no sign of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.


All of this started when RAW opened with a Miz TV segment. Reigns were the A-Listers guess and as predicted, the show went sour. Reigns and Miz would trade partner that peaked with Miz asserting that the Miztourage would easily outclass The Shield if need be. Reigns got a good laugh from this as the crowd practically salivated and the reference of the awesome trio.

Things would get heated enough for the Miz to scamper away but not before Kurt Angle came out to book a match between the two men.

Reigns actually won his match against the Miz but that turned out to be quite the afterthought. While The Big Dog overcame the numbers game during actual competition, the Miz and his Miztourage descended upon Reigns like a pack of hyenas. Reigns not only suffered one round of chair shots and a Skull Crush Finale but two. The Miz's work was done after an another Skull Crushing Finale was delivered onto a chair.

Fans have long been clamoring for The Shield to reunite, but it's reached a fever pitch ever since Rollins and Ambrose have become so friendly. Now that they're RAW Tag Team Champions the bond is solidified and we've all been waiting for the faintest whisper of Reigns joining the cause - tonight was more like an air horn.

While the timing of a Shield homecoming can always be debated, the timing now is kind of perfect. The minute No Mercy ended, WWE lost much of his main event powers. The Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar is believed to be done for 2017. He may make an appearance for a promo with Paul Heyman, but Beast is done wrestling for this year.


John Cena is also taking leave. While Lesnar is leaving to milk cows and cuddle Sable, Cena is taking off to film a Transformers spin-off. While Cena is currently being advertised for Survivor Series he could also be gone the rest of 2017.

WWE has to combat the NFL on Mondays and seeing that they'll be handcuffed at the main event level, it's time to make a splash. A Shield reunion is just that.