Ric Flair Speaks In New Video Following His Recent Health Scare

A couple of days back, Ric Flair issued a statement regarding his recent health scare. Today, we got one better. The Nature Boy issued a quick video clip on his Twitter page where he addressed fans for the first time in front of camera since the recent crisis.

Flair appears on camera wearing a t-shirt and hat that are sold over at RicFlairShop.com. Specifically, he chose the shirt that says "I Ain't Dead Yet Mother F***ers."

You can see Flair's comment below.

In the video, Flair says, "Hey to all my fans out there, let it be known to fans worldwide that Nature Boy, wooo, is back up and running. Looking as only I can look. I want to tell all my fans out there thank you for all the love, support, and I will see you in the very, very, very, very, very, very near future. Woo!"

As has been reported on at length, Flair was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago for health problems. The hospitalization resulted in Flair undergoing a surgery where he was given only a 25% chance of survival. But just as he has done so many times throughout his career, Flair defeated the odds and appears to be on his road back to recovery.


Flair has also been expected to undergo surgery for an internal pacemaker. He had been using an external pacemaker, but doctors recommended that an internal device be used in the future.

As Flair's condition has continued to improve, his daughter Charlotte has returned to the road with WWE. She wrestled last weekend on the house show loop and was in attendance at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings, though she did not appear on television. She will be wrestling on the house show loop again this weekend, touring the midwest.