Watch: Nikki Bella Candidly Explains Her and John Cena's Wedding Issues

Nikki Bella hooked the wrestling world for Season 3 of Total Bellas when she was captured asking John Cena "So we really want to call this off?"

"This" of course being the closest thing to a royal wedding WWE could have and much of Season 3 hinges on the dramatic engagement chapter between Nikki and John. When the clip went viral, fans went into a frenzy as they feared John and Nikki's future was doomed.

However, according to Nikki's recent appearance on Steve TV, her question sprung from temporary, albeit, real moment of strife.

"We had a moment where we did call it off. I think the one thing that I realized about wedding planning is everyone always tells you how amazing it is and all these things, but I think you also come to realize how permanent it is and you do a lot of soul-searching. I wanted this for 6 years and when I came face to face to it, I had to be like 'wait, is this what I want?'" she said.

As far as we can tell, things have steadied in recent weeks, but apparently, the WWE Superstars marriage was up in the air.

John Cena shared his perspective on the matter during an appearance on TODAY:

"I think in relationships, you have highs and lows, and that was an extreme low,'' Cena said on TODAY. "You have two choices. You either jump ship and start a new relationship or move forward and try to work through it. We're gonna move forward and try to work through it."

Cena went on to reassure millions of fans that he and Nikki had righted the ship:


"Like I said, I believe we both have some work to do, and we're genuinely trying our best to work through it, so I'm very happy to say that it's in a situation that we're working through,'' he said. "We haven't yet jumped ship," he said.

Season 3 of Total Bellas is set to air this spring, so prepare to fill your cups with marital drama!