Exclusive: Nia Jax Dishes on Enzo Amore Romance Storyline

Nia Jax almost kissed Enzo Amore on live television thanks to mistletoe and contractual obligations. Alexa Bliss snuffed that moment and Amore's January release killed the rest, but despite the defunct relationship, the question still begs: where was that going?

"The cool thing that I really, really enjoy about WWE is that you don't necessarily know exactly what's going to happen from week to week. Honestly, I had no idea where that was going," she said in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com.

Neither did fans, but that didn't keep us from begging for more despite the buckshot of awkward moments. However, WWE kept Jax in the dark when it came to plans for her and Enzo.

"Week to week, I would find out. 'We're doing this. OK, cool,'" recalled Jax. "I'd find out a couple hours before the show, 'You're going to be doing this with Enzo, and this is going to happen.'"

Well before his allegations, Amore had a proclivity for negative headlines. So being paired alongside Amore for any story, let alone one that involved kissing, may have been an unenviable spot for any WWE Superstar. However, Jax had nothing but platonic love for Amore.

"The cool thing about it is I really enjoyed working with him. He has a different kind of personality, but Enzo is who he is, and I enjoyed it and I fed off of it," she said.

And for the almost kiss on RAW's Christmas episode?

"I don't think about it much," said Jax after a laugh. "Trust me, I'm reminded of it quite often."


Romantic angles have all but disappeared from this era of WWE. However, despite Amore looking like a Post Malone Troll Doll, WWE had a habit of giving the exiled star romance-based storylines. After a fruitless fling with Lana in 2016, WWE used a forward Nia Jax in the winter of 2017 to give Enzo a certifiable partner. They went on 205 Live tours together, had multiple backstage segments on RAW, but within the first days of 2018, real-life sexual assault charges cast Amore, out of the company.

Nia has since replaced Enzo with success as 2018 has already been a career year for the 33-year old. Jax became the RAW Women's Champion after defeating Bliss for the Raw women's Championship. The two will give their Superdome rematch Sunday at the Backlash pay-per-view.