Huge WWE Prospect Is Given New Ring Name

Vince McMahon has found another impressive beast. Former football player and powerlifter, Dylan Miley, signed a WWE developmental deal in 2013 and is beginning to wresk havoc on NXT.

Miley, who made his NXT television debut last month, has been given a new WWE identity.

The monster who teamed up with Braun Strowman in developmental, is now going by the name Lars Sullivan. The 6'3" 300lb mound of muscle has yet to be pinned or submitted since joining the roster.

Lars Sullivan and Braun Strowman sound like long lost Viking brothers. Thankfully, WWE split them up as I'm not sure the ambulance industry could handle their co-destruction.

We do not expect his time in NXT to be long as both the WWE high ups are reportedly very interested in the big man. Lars tweeted a post under his new ring name yesterday that made clear his main roster goals for the coming year.

As great as it is to see an influx of up and coming athletic stars entering the WWE, there's still something awe inspiring about a human who looks like he could wrestle a grizzly bear.

Let the Lars era begin!



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