Bludgeon Brothers Spoil New Day-Usos Tag Team Championship Match

Sunday's Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match ended without a winner went the Bludgeon Brothers came out and attacked both The New Day and The Usos to force a disqualification.

The New Day came out with their "speed lineup" with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods competing while Big E stands at ringside.

The Usos started off with the advantage early, nailing Woods with a huge kick. The two then took plays out of each other's playbook, with the Usos breaking out the Unicorn Stampede and Kingston's Boom Drop while Kingston hit a Somoan Bulldozer in the corner.

The Usos then hit a big nearfall by hitting Kingston with a surprise Midnight Hour finisher. New Day returned the favor with Woods hitting one of the Uso brothers with a superkick, followed by a top rope frog splash from Kingston.

The two then went for the Double Uce from opposite corners, but Jimmy ran in and knocked both off the turn buckles. The Usos hit double suicide dives to the outside.

As all five men were down near the entrance ramp, the Bludgeon Brothers' music hit. Harper and Rowan walked out with their hammers.The duo then proceeded to attack all five men with a series of vicious double team moves.

Rowan even tried to smash one of the Usos brother's heads in with their giant hammers, but her got out of the way just as Rowan hit the steel steps with his hammer. The two walked out without saying a word, leaving the fie knocked out in different places around the ring. The WWE medical staff had to bring out a stretcher to help Xavier Woods after he was powerbombed by Harper off the steel steps.


Following a pre-taped promo on Roman Reigns' upcoming WrestleMania match with Brock Lesnar and a backstage interview with A.J. Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, the two teams were still being helped to the back.

Harper and Rowan have been a tag team since 2012, first as members of the Wyatt Family alongside Bray Wyatt. Following a brief split, a reunion and a long hiatus, the two debuted on SmackDown Live with a repackaged gimmick in October 2017 as the Bludgeon Brothers, wielding giant mallets. In the months since, the two have demolished local jobbers, The Ascension, The Hype Bros. and The Fashion Police before turning their attention to The Usos and New Day.