Mojo Rawley Goes Full Heel and Turns on Zack Ryder

The end of the Hype Bros tag team has seemed like a foregone conclusion for quite some time, and that reality was finally met on Tuesday night during SmackDown Live.

Following a brief squash by the Bludgeon Brothers (who have one of the best entrances and presentations in the wrestling business), Mojo and Zack were being interviewed in the middle of the ring. Zack started talking about how they were top contenders a year ago, the landscape has changed, and they've hit rock bottom. At that point, Rawley attacked him from behind with a big right hand.

This lead to some kicks to the fallen Ryder and some more punches as Rawley screamed "The Hype Bros are dead! You hear me?!"

The U.S. title picture could use some more contenders, so hopefully one of these guys is elevated following their pending feud. WWE left a huge opportunity on the table with Ryder several years back when he got himself over with his YouTube series, only to be made to look like an incompetent geek by John Cena (who stole his on-air girlfriend at the time, Eve Torres). Will he finally be given his due, or will this be Rawley's chance to shine?

Odds are that Mojo will be the one elevated from the feud, as he was made to look dominant following the beat down of Ryder. He was later interviewed backstage, appearling calm, cool, and collected, declaring this to be a new era.


Zack Ryder probably noticed when he checked his social media later in the night that an old friend from the past is ready to come back to his side if need be.